7 Surprising Things Your Tulsa Newborn Photographer Wants You To Know

I’ve been a Tulsa Newborn Photographer for 6 years, and during that time there have been many things I wish I could’ve told clients, friends, and family.

So, instead of sitting you all down and explaining, let me do it right here for you!

  • I don’t get grossed out  (or offended) easily.

I’m a mom and I’m a motherhood photographer – at this point, I’ve seen it all.

So if your newborn projectile vomits all over the fur rug in the studio, don’t worry. He isn’t the first!

And if you scream that 4 letter word as you push that 9 pound baby into the world, you go for it momma. I remember exactly how that felt, and you’ve gotta do what you need to do in that moment.

  • You are beautiful.

Whether you are smiling in professional hair and makeup at a newborn photo session or sweating and laboring in a hospital gown, you’re beautiful.

Guys, I WISH moms could see themselves the way I see them through the lens.  

Just know that you are beautiful, and that’s what I see when I take your picture.

And, you know how you wish you were as “fat’ as you were in high school – I totally feel that way looking back at my own kid’s newborn photos. Enjoy the moment, and recognize that you are stunning.

  • Just because we’re friends, doesn’t mean you have to hire me.

There are lots of photographers out there for good reason.

We all have a different style, different price points, different personalities.

And just because we’re friends doesn’t mean I’m the right photographer for you or your family. I mean, I love you! But you don’t have to hire me because of that.

Pick the photographer that fits your needs. *WHEW* right?!

  •  It’s ok to suggest ideas

If you saw something you love on Pinterest, let me know!

I can do my best to capture a similar image for you. Of course, there are lots of variables.

We may not be able to find the exact location or prop, but I can help you figure out what we need to achieve a similar effect.

  •  You can support my business without hiring me

These days, a lot of my clients come from social media.

If you want to support my business, SHARE my posts. Leave a little comment on my posts. Tag a friend in my posts.

The more you share and comment, the more visibility I have online, the more clients I’ll book.

Seriously, a share or comment on social media is basically GOLD.

  • I can’t fix everything with photoshop 

I hear it all the time, “oh she can just photoshop that out.” 

And yes, it can be tempting to try and “fix” everything in Photoshop. But, there are some things that are best left as they are! 

Retouching should be used to enhance a photo, not to completely change it. 

Yes, I can do just about anything with photoshop but it also takes a lot of time, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to pay an additional fee for anything above and beyond photo enhancements. 

  • This is my job

Yes, this is an amazing job. I get to be around tiny babies all the time and I love it!

But it’s also my job.

I spend hours not just taking photos and editing them, but also working on my craft and my business.

I go to conferences and workshops to learn new techniques. I manage my books and my workspace and my studio. I study and learn about marketing – and all of this is part of the job.

Photography is my passion, but it’s also my livelihood!

Whew, ok, you made it to the end!

Wanna know more about booking a Tulsa Newborn Session? Click here to get in touch with me. Talk soon!

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