Growing up I always thought I was going to be a nurse or in the medical field but God had another plan for me.

It was after having my third baby and working as a medical assistant at a pediatric urgent care that I started to dive into the hobby of photography. It started with taking photos of my new baby, then friends and family, and eventually complete strangers. As my skills and art grew I realized that capturing the intimate details of motherhood are what really fueled my soul. 

One of my biggest regrets in my motherhood journey was not documenting my beautiful growing body with each pregnancy and the precious first few days of my newborns. I’ve come to realize that this is where the passion stems from, I want to ensure other moms have those memories to look back on because as a mom myself I’ve learned those memories fade if you don’t have a photo to remind you of them.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Jennifer did such an amazing job with my maternity photos. Her studio is beautiful and cozy and she made my family feel comfortable and at home there. She is so patient and wonderful with our 2-year-old and we always end up with the perfect shots of all of us (which is extremely difficult with a rowdy toddler). I could not recommend Jennifer enough, she does beautiful work.


I began mentoring with some of the best to learn the art of newborn photography. Over the years I have honed in on a style of photography that is a combination of capturing real and raw emotions with gentle pose guiding that leaves you feeling those same emotions when looking back on the photo.

For years I manifested my dream studio that I could create in and several studios later I finally have this space. My biggest desire for a studio was for you to walk in and feel at home and feel safe. The beautiful natural light paired with warm neutral decor is what dreams are made of.

After starting my business in April 2017...

I know just how quickly our babies grow up and how we so desperately wish time wasn’t such a thief. I know you want to remember every single newborn detail, or your quirky, fun toddler’s personality, or how your preteen is growing into a beautiful woman. I want to create images that take you right back to that time and feel every emotion. I hold the responsibility of documenting your family near and dear to my heart. I would be honored to document your family memories for you to treasure for years to come.


As a mom to three girls, 

Let me capture your

Greatest Memories