From Air Force to Mom and Dad

The journey to becoming parents for Brittney and Matthew began shortly after they returned from a deployment in Afghanistan. Little did they know this would be one of the most challenging and difficult things they would go through together.

I asked Brittney to share a little bit with me about their infertility story and the road to their miracle girl:

” We tried for 3 years, religiously tracking ovulation and doing anything we could to get pregnant. We had an early miscarriage at Christmas-time in 2019 and were devastated. We sought help from a fertility clinic 6 months later. We did 4 IUI’s (all failed) and then began a round of IVF. We ended up having one viable embryo (a little boy) and lost him shortly after transfer. We began the entire process again and were devastated when we ended up having one embryo make it again. It was a little girl this time and we anxiously waited to see if she would stick around.

One thing infertility takes away from families is the fun and exciting time of finding out you’re pregnant the traditional way, especially after having losses. Often they have to wait on a clinic to call and even then they are hesitant to be excited. Brittney said finding out they were pregnant ” Was not romantic in the slightest and we were very apprehensive at first, having lost 2 pregnancies before. But we also held on to all the hope we could manage when we got the call from the fertility clinic telling us we were pregnant.

Their beautiful and perfect baby girl, Everly Rose, made her arrival on February 23, 2023. Brittney recalled the exciting day they went to their 37 week appointment:

” We had a whirlwind 37 week appointment and ended up being sent to L&D due to extremely low fluid in the amniotic sac. I was induced and had her a couple days later after a long labor. As soon as they put her on my chest, she lifted her little head right up and looked me in the eyes and I knew I was hooked and would do anything for her! My husband felt the same way and we were both amazed by how quickly our whole life changed in the best possible way! “

Brittney and Matthew, first thank you for serving our country. As much bravery and hard work that job requires, the road infertility took you on is nothing in comparison. Thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful baby girl with the best hair ever and for sharing your story with us, sending you all the love!

  1. Olga Blunt (Nani) says:

    God’s Miracle and Blessing!!!

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